Beautiful Nobodies

The 50s had Elvis.
The 60s had The Beatles.
The 70s had the most extraordinary place on the planet.
A place where those in their 20s would gladly grant an arm or a leg to get into.
A place where fabulous celebrities such as Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli and Halston would hang out without any security or bodyguards and just stand in corners, they participated, dancing and snorting the night away.
The only place on earth where Bianca Jagger could ride in on a horse, and make history.

This place was the first place you could look upon as defining a particular decade or era. Founded by Rubell who became widely known for hand-selecting guests from the huge crowds outside, mixing beautiful "nobodies" with glamorous celebrities.

This place was called Studio 54.


  1. Love the magic of it! And yet those places still exist... but you'd need to be in the know to know where they are ;)

  2. These images are amazing - they seem so glamorous and I love the concept of mixing celebrities with people off the street to produce a gorgeous, hedonistic mix. I'm off to pluck my eyebrows now in an effort to emulate Bianca...

  3. Love this.
    Nothing sums up the hedonism of the 70s like that picture of Bianca on the horse..
    Makes me really wish I live in NY in the 70s :(

  4. Great examples... Andy Warhol is my idol and is famous for saying we will all have our 15 minutes of fame. Seeing as we now live in a culture where this really applys, the use of these icons and fashion breakthroughs express a true nature of the 21st centry. They truly saw the future!!