Kate is an Addict.

"A girl can't make an entrance without her lipstick"

Be Iconic

Starring Kate Moss
Music by Duran Duran
Directed by Jonas Akerlund


  1. I can't take the Moss seriously. Real pictures of her clearly show she is not the beauty she once was.

    This ad must of cost a fortune, air brushing every single frame!

  2. I though it was very interesting piece. Reminded me a bit of the old film Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn.

  3. Like it or don't like it, but still there is something about Kate, that she still is style icon.
    Doesn't she look cool and stylish in this short fabulously directed video commercial.. I think she do. Even if she is bad girl or without a classic beauty gifted and with cellulitis on runway. She rock!

    xoxo Ra

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